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Harbour - Ready_to_Use Distro with IDE - II

Pritpal Bedi
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This is Harbour's IDE - integrated development
environment - centric, ready-to-use distibution.

This distro is comprised of following parts:

1. Harbour binaries for mingw and bcc.
2. Mingw C compiler.
3. hbIDE.
4. Qt's minimum runtime required to link
     and execute a hbQT based application.
5. Environment

This distro also provides building-blocks to
experment with hbQT implementation. It is
particularly useful to Xbase++ developers
who are looking for alternatives.

Run the installer and select a folder of your
choice though default is also a good option
to start with.

After installation is complete, you will have an
entry into the programs folder and also a desktop
icon if you did opted for it. Click any one or
at the end of installation opt for "Run..."

hbIDE's welcome screen should popup in front of you.
To start anything significant, please follow few
simple steps, only once, to setup your environment.

  1. Copy {app}env\hbide.env somewhere, for quick
     start, in {app}\hbide\.
  2. Run hbIDE.
  3. Click "Compiler Environment" icon on the right
     toolbar and provide the path_to_modified_hbide.env
     in "Path to hbIDE env:" field _only_ if you have not
     placed it in {app}\hbide\, otherwise no need
     of this action.
  4. The contents of this file must show-up.
  5. Click "Save and Close" button.
  6. That's it. You are ready to build a project.

Let's warm-up with an existing project before starting
some serious work. There are 4 demo applications
included in this distro:

  1. {app}/harbour/contrib/gtwvg/tests/demowvg.hbp
       Demonstrate the power of GTWVG.
  2. {app}/harbour/contrib/gtwvg/tests/demoxbp.hbp
       Demonstrates the power of Wvg* Xbase++ based
       class framework.
  3. {app}/harbour/contrib/hbqt/tests/demoqt.hbp
       Demonstrates the power of hbQT implementation
       purely based on direct wrapper classes.
  4. {app}/harbour/contrib/hbxbp/tests/demoxbp.hbp
       Demonstrates the power of hbQT based on
       Xbase++ XbpParts Class Framework.

Steps needed to open/build/launch:

  1. From <Files> menu select "Open a Project".
  2. File open dialog will showup. Navigate to
     {app}/harbour/gtwvg/tests, and select
  3. Project will appear in "Projects" tree window
     at the left.
  4. Right-click on the project name node - Demo WVG -
     and from "Select an Environment" menu option
     select "MINGW".
  5. Again right-click on the project name node and
     select "Build and Launch"
  6. There you go, if everything is ok, project must
     build and you must see demowvg.exe running.
  7. Quickly add other projects as explained above.

A html compiled help file hbIDE.chm and the same
in PDF format hbIDE.pdf is also included in the
distro. Examine them. These are exactly the same
help which you can find online at -

hbIDE is now mature enough to handle any large
project, but still, please note that this is
not an official release, so you may expect bumps

This distribution includes only binaries. Please
download SVN tree if you need sources or want to
play with the latest commits. It is not necessary
for your applications.


   - Updated Harbour Sources from SVN
   - Build Harbour Binaries for above Compilers
   - Compiled and executed all demo applications
   - Bundled the Package
   - Uploaded to my site
   - Downloaded the package on another computer
   - Run the Installer
   - Compiled and Executed all demo applications


Pritpal Bedi  |  a student of software analysis and design

http://www.vouch.in  |  Vouch, the software that GROWS with you
http://www.vouch32.com  |  Home of Vouch32 ActiveX Server ( FREE )
http://www.vouchcac.com/vouch32/vouch32.htm   |   A Windows Extended
           Utilities Library for Clipper, Xbase++ and (x)Harbour ( FREE )

http://hbide.vouch.info  |  hbIDE explained

     enjoy hbIDEing...
        Pritpal Bedi